Lithium Battery Questions

Does the Lithium Battery could Jump start? What situation does the Lithium Battery could Jump start?
Jump start is the emergency start way which divide into 2 status: 1、Lithium battery connects acid battery for starting; 2、Acid battery connects lithium battery for starting. No matter what kind of status, it’s just only used for emergency initiation. It’s not a normal way and it’s dangerous for battery and motor electrical system. Before jump start, the battery should be over discharge and not failure (The battery is equivalent to large capacitance in the circuit which plays a role of filtering and regulation). Jump starts the motor with high battery and looses it in time after starting.


The Lithium Battery could not be charged if the motorcycle only starts but doesn’t run, is it right?
The motor idle speed start is usually 1200RPM-1400RPM; The magneto power is low, the rectifier output voltage is 13.5-13.8V. Lithium Iron Phosphate discharge average power is 13.35V. The potential is almost the same so the charge efficiency is not high. Charge is workable. The battery maintenance way usually takes a small current charging motor for compensating its self-power consumption after starting. The starting time depends. Longer the charging time, the more the charging power.


Wow long does the motorcycle need to run to enough to charge the battery and keep in storage if the riders haven’t started their motorcycle for 3 month? For example, how far or how long does it run?
The charge capacity should be defined by the product of current and time. E.g. Acid battery YTX9-BS and the corresponding lithium battery WEX2R12 could be replaced. The same charging current I=3A(Ampere)and takes 1H as the units: Charge Capacity C=I*H, that’s to say, it can be charged the capacity 3AH. Considering the charge loss rate is about 20%, the actual charge capacity is not less 2.4AH. If the motor consumed 2.4AH within 3 month then it can back charging well.
PS: The acid battery monthly self-power consumption rate is 5-8%, the lithium battery monthly self-power consumption rate is about 1-3%. Self static state current and leakage should be considered.


How long does the motorcycle keep in storage and don’t need to start for drive if we install the Lithium Battery in the big-sized Motorcycle?
Like Harley Davidson and Superbike-Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda. As clients can’t test the voltage in current market, could we also understand that it definitely can be started if the battery voltage is enough to start 3 times? Same with above problem attribute.


Does the Lithium battery loose power if we always drive the motorcycle in short distance? How to maintain the Lithium Battery? (Usually, the final users don’t have the charger)
Same with above problem attribute. The normal battery maintenance way is to take a corresponding charger which compensates the power through a small current in 1-2 month. In this way the battery life will be longer.


Is it all right if we always charge the Lithium Battery by fast current?
Lithium battery charge current could be more than acid battery. The maximum charge current for lithium battery could be accepted 3C (C means the battery standard capacity) current, but acid battery maximum current is only 0.5C. It’s no harmful for battery only if it’s no more than the maximum charging current in the manual.
Charge the battery with a small current for maintenance advised.


How many kind of starting lithium battery does have in the current market? What is the Lithium Iron Phosphate advantage in comparison with the other type of Lithium material in the market?
The differences of lithium battery is mainly the cathode material: there is mainly cobalt acid lithium materials (LiCoO2), Lithium Manganate(LiMn2O4), MnNiCo ternary and lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4); (Ternary lithium battery means that the cathode material was made from lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese); Motor electrical design is for the 12V battery from the matching of security and voltage. It’s most suitable that Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is using 4S 12.8V. High-and low-temperature resistant discharge properties are also good.


How to prove the stability of electrical discharge of Lithium Battery is much better than the Lea-Acid Battery? How to present?
The characteristic of batteries discharge mainly presented the comparison of discharge curves. Lithium battery discharge is smooth and the platform of discharge is flat. Below is the comparison of discharge curves between lithium battery and Lea-Acid Battery.
Lithium battery:


Lea-Acid Battery:



Does our Lithium Battery have the short-circuit protection?
Lithium battery short-circuit itself is illegal operation, direct short-circuit would be caused instant high current through battery, internal heat and pressure, and then damage the battery and personal injury, so the direct short – connected positive and negative electrode of lithium battery is banned.

Did the successful underwater test prove our lithium battery can start in the water? Many customers asked us why it didn’t short circuit in the water.
Water test takes the purified water as the carrier which just proves the lithium battery package water-proof but not showing the underwater usage. The deionized-water and distilled water are not insulated and can’t conduct electricity.

Does the normal charger could charge the Lithium Battery without any damage? Except De-Sulfate, is there anything we need to pay attention? Does De-Sulfate could certainly show on the charger? Why does SHORAI designate to use De-Sulface charger?
“De-Sulfate”mode is used for Lea-Acid Battery recovery mode. The surface of the inner plate of the battery is adhered with a layer of white hard crystals. It still can’t peel off the lead sulfate of active substance which was converted from crystals after charging, this is vitriolization of Lea-Acid Battery.
The kind of charger with de-curing mode would damage the internal structure of the lithium battery, and then break down the lithium battery, that’s absolutely prohibited.

How long will the lithium battery has quality issues if it kept in the warehouse?

The lithium battery power is 90% before they leave the factory and self discharge rate is 1% please compensate the battery power if kept in storage for 10 months.