Warranty terms

Warranty terms

W Standard offers a Limited 3-Year Pro-Rated Warranty for our LiFePo4 batteries after the date of the purchase of the product, for defects in material and/or workmanship. All warranty claims are handled directly by W-Standard and the local distributor who W-Standard have a authorized for these warranty claims. Please do NOT return any product without an RMA#, or before W Standard has contacted you to perform some simple diagnostics. In many instances, issues can be solved prior to return. W-Standard ask all Operation guidelines should be following as below, Or else it’s invalid.

  1. Do not recharge the battery with the maximum current or voltage which is higher than the standards in this spec manual. Please strictly carry out it according to the motorcycle model matching table from W-STANDARD company, conditional the best choice is to exchange the higher level lithium battery as recommended table.
  2. The nominal lead-acid battery charger can be accepted to charge the lithium battery.
  3. The battery should be recharged in time when the voltage is lower than 13.1V.
  4. Connect reversely the polarity of battery is strictly prohibited (The positive pole and negative pole are connected in a contrary way).The battery should be connected in a right way.
  5. No charging the lithium battery directly through other batteries.
  6. Do not connect directly battery with alternating current (AC) power when charging.
  7. Do not recharge the battery with the maximum current which is higher than the standards in this spec manual.
  8. The start-ups time shouldn’t be more than 6 seconds for every time.
  9. The time interval between two consecutive start-ups time shouldn’t be less than 60 seconds.
  10. Do not power-supply the battery in isolation for a long time.
  11. Should start the engine before opening the headlight and ancillary equipment when driving at night.
  12. The engine stalled and landslide for a long time when driving at night is strictly prohibited, it should be landslide with file under the condition of engine start.

Conditions, which may not be covered by warranty after purchase:

  1. The product was removed or damaged by customers after the purchase. (including falling to smash)
  2. The problem of engine electrical system caused by the damage to battery due to battery voltage is too high or over-charged.
  3. The unmatched charger caused by the damage to lithium battery due to battery voltage is too high or over-charged.
  4. The actual starting current of engine is larger than the calibration of low temperature starting current CCA index for lithium battery, which caused by the damage to the lithium battery.
  5. The engine continuously start discharge is more than 6 seconds caused by the damage to the lithium battery.
  6. The polarity of the lithium battery connects reversely with the polarity of the engine caused by the damage to the lithium battery.
  7. The engine circuit leakage or too much electrical appliances of non-original motorcycle caused by the damage to the lithium battery due to excessive discharge.

In accordance with the use of product specifications, the materials and process defects caused by the quality problems of lithium battery, please check the below procedures and Returns MUST be accompanied by:

A、the copy of original purchase receipt..

B、Please truthfully fill out the warranty card and describe objectively the status of the use of products and the phenomenon of battery failure. And please also provide the failure scene photos. (Incomplete or non-objective information will not be accepted by our company).

C、Please return the fault battery and data to the W-Standard China Company or Agent. There will be specially-assigned person to follow up and proceed.

D、If the returned lithium battery was tested by the W-Standard China Company company and came out to be no quality problems, then the battery will be send back and the freight fees will be charged by yourself.

E、Discount principle: It will be divided into 3 levels according to the date of purchase as below:

Month 1-12 13-24 25-36
Discount 100% 60% 30%


Note : Customers are responsible for paying initial shipping charge to return batteries. W Standard (China) will pay shipping on replacement batteries sent to customers, except those without copy of receipt and/or RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization).

For some matters not mentioned herein can be directly negotiated with W-Standard Company.